Which roofing sheets should I use?

Selection of roofing sheets depends on many factors viz: what activity is going to be performed under the roof. At what height the sheets will be installed. What shape we are looking for etc…. The modern technology makes many things possible.

What structural material should be used?

The M.S.(Mild Steel) is generally used for all kind of structures. There are many kinds of materials available in local and global market. Hot formed sections like angles, c- channels, flat bars, I sections are conventional materials. However tubular sections are getting popular due to their look and stability.

Can roofing sheets be an option for RCC slabs?

Yes! Roofing with Properly designed structure, right selection of material and good workmanship can replace RCC slabs. It can be a cheaper solution.

What about the leakages?

Water leakages can be eliminated with proper design, perfect overlapping, proper sheets selection and using a proper proofing agent.

What about transparent roofing?

Roof can be completely or partially transparent. Providing transparent sheets at some places known as 'Skylights'.

What materials are available for skylights?

FRP (Fiber reinforced plastic) is widely used. Along with that plastic, Polycarbonate is also available.

What is 'Turbo ventilators'?

These are the specific shape wind turbines driven by wind pressure. It creates a forced draught to suck the hot air through roofs, using non conventional energy.

How can be roofing heat insulated?

Roofs can be heat insulated using insulating material like Rockwool , glass wool, or reflective films. Every option has got its advantages and limitations.

What about glass roofs?

Yes toughened and laminated glasses can be used As roofs. It should be properly installed with proper engineering.

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