Building Facades

The essence of cladding is derived from its functional perfection and subtle aesthetics combined with superior weather resistance and durability. Cladding Solutions help in designing technologically advanced buildings that reflect style. They are available in three variants: Facade, Siding and Bracing.

Fascade : The smart way to conceal structural materials. Façade is a highly adaptable system used to conceal most common structural materials such as masonry, pre-cast concrete or steel and timber stud framing. Made from compressed, autoclaved, cellulose fibre reinforced cement sheets, the panels may be arranged in a variety of patterns for smart surface relief.

Siding : Looks like wood, works like cement. Siding helps to reinforce a building’s exteriors. These planks are placed over a frame or substrate material and lend a horizontal finish to the completed structure. The embedded grains, when polished, give the planks a superior wooden look, which is unmatched in style and aesthetics.

Bracing : Reinforcement for your designs. Bracing is yet another efficient way of reinforcing the outer surface of a building. The process involves the mounting of panels on a steel frame that eventually results in becoming a part of the load bearing structure.

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